Content Analysis between Quality and Quantity

Neuerscheinung in Datenbank-Spektrum (ISSN 1618-2162).

Der Beitrag “Content Analysis between Quality and Quantity” (DOI 10.1007/s13222-014-0174-x) ist jetzt online first in der Zeitschrift Datenbank-Spektrum erschienen. Der Text von Matthias Lemke, Andreas Niekler, Gary S. Schaal und Gregor Wiedemann kann ab sofort über Springerlink eingesehen werden.

Abstract: Social science research using Text Mining tools requires—due to the lack of a canonical heuristics in the digital humanities—a blended reading approach. Integrating quantitative and qualitative analyses of complex textual data progressively, blended reading brings up various requirements for the implementation of Text Mining infrastructures. The article presents the Leipzig Corpus Miner (LCM), developed in the joint research project ePol—Post-Democracy and Neoliberalism and responding to social science research requirements. The functionalities offered by the LCM may serve as best practice of processing data in accordance with blended reading.

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